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                                           Online Teach Subscriptions

Video of teaches with Curt and Tammy (approximately 30-40 dances each year) are available online by yearly subscription. Curt will send you a user name and password (if you do not have one) that will be for your use only.

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Please note: Due to server space limitations, only the most recent 3 seasons will be available online. Season subscription owners are urged to either purchase the season on a flash drive (an additional $40) or download those teaches you wish to retain before the files are removed from the server.

Subscription Details and Test Video

2019 - 2020 Season
A Night Like This (Worlock 5+2 Cha/Rumba)
Adios Muchachos (Worlock 6 Tango)
Better Place (Johnson 5+2 Rumba)
G.I. Jive (Hicks 4 Jive)
Groovy Foxtrot (Worlock 5+2 Foxtrot)
The Promise (Worlock 6 Waltz)
Usted (Worlock 5+2 Bolero)
2018 - 2019 Season
A Lady In Red (Moore 4+1 Bolero)
All About That Cha (Worlock 6 Cha)
Another Crazy World (Preskitt 6 Waltz)
Be My Girl (Worlock 6 Mambo)
Begin To Color Me (Read 6 Waltz)
Bluer Skies (Worlock 5+2 Tango)
Cake By The Ocean (Rumble 6 WCS)
Chanel (Preskitt 6 Waltz)
Eso Es (Hurd 5+2 Mixed Tango)
Footprints In The Sand (Hicks 6 Rumba)
Free Spirit (Preskitt 5 Waltz)
Get Down Tonight (Worlock 5 Quickstep)
Get It On (Lewis/Olson 5+1+1 WCS)
How Deep Is Your Love (Rumble 4+2+3 Rumba)
I'm Falling (Worlock 5+2 Rumba)
If One Day (Armstrong 5 Bolero)
Juke-Box Foxtrot (Hicks 5 Foxtrot)
Life Is A Slow Dance (Worlock 4+2 Waltz)
Mia Bolero (Worlock 6 Bolero)
Mujer (Read 6 Rumba)
My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Ito 6 Cha)
Our Time (Goss/Figwer 6 Waltz)
Pasopim (Davis 5 Paso)
Sella Il Vento (Moore 6 Waltz)
Something Good (Goss/Figwer 5+1 Jive)
The Alligator Stroll (Gloodt 4+2+3 WCS)
The Colors Of Autumn (Hurd 6 Waltz)
The Gift (Worlock 6 S2S)
The Glory Of Love (Worlock 5+2 Foxtrot)
The Matador (Worlock 6 Paso)
Theme From Frozen (Worlock 6 Waltz)
These Foolish Things (Preskitt 5+2+3 WCS)
To Be Loved (Armstrong 5 S2S)
Try to Remember (Rumble 6 H/C Waltz)
Where Or When (Worlock 6 Foxtrot)
Why Did It Have To Be Me (Preskitt 5+2+3 Jive)
Wild Child (Ho 4 Waltz)
Words Get In The Way (Shibata 6 Bolero)
You Always Hurt The One You Love (Shibata 5+1 Foxtrot)
2017 - 2018 Season (Shibata 6 Jive)
A Walk In The Park (Sechrist 5+2 Waltz)
After Midnight Tango (Moore 4+1 Tango)
All About That Cha (Worlock 6 Cha)
At Long Last Foxtrot (Preskitt 6 Foxtrot)
Better When I'm Dancin' Merengue (Kincaid 5+2 Merengue)
Big Daddy (Worlock 4+1 Quickstep)
Boogie Blues IV (Garza 4 Jive)
Cake By The Ocean (Rumble 6 WCS)
Can't Stop The Feeling (Worlock 6 WCS)
Cherry Heart (Shibata 5+1+2 Foxtrot)
Cinderella (Worlock 6 H/C Waltz)
Close To You (Shibata 5 Foxtrot)
Footprints In The Sand (Hicks 6 Rumba)
Hit The Road Jive (Hicks 5 Jive)
Hushabye Mountain 5 (Rotscheid 5+2 Waltz)
I See The Light (Preskitt 6 Bolero)
I Will Always Love You (Sechrist 6 Bolero)
I Will Wait For You (Preskitt 6 Foxtrot)
In Times Like These (Gloodt 4+2+2 WCS)
Later, Alligator (Rumble 5+1 Jive)
Malaguena (Worlock 6 Paso)
Mermaid in the Night (Goss D/Figwer 5 WCS)
Mi Amante (KB Nelson 5+1 Bolero)
Nightfall (Rumble 5+1 Waltz)
Our Hearts Still Go On (Worlock 6 Rumba)
Our Moon Waltz (Harris 4+2+1 Waltz)
Strangers In The Night (Preskitt 5+1+1 Rumba)
Tentacion (Hurd 6 A-Tango)
The Glory Of Love (Worlock 5+2 Foxtrot)
Theme From Inuyasha (Hilton 5 Waltz)
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Goss/Figwer 5 Foxtrot)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (Preskitt 4+0+1 Quickstep)
Trouble (Hurd 6 WCS)
Try to Remember (Rumble 6 H/C Waltz)
You're Still The One (Worlock 6 S2S)
2016 - 2017 Season
42nd Street 4 You (Rotscheid 4+0+2 Quickstep)
A Guy Is A Guy (Preskitt 5+0+1 Jive)
A Walk In The Park (Sechrist 5+2 Waltz)
Addicted to You (Kincaid 5+2+1 Merengue)
Alhambra (Shibata 5+1+1 Waltz)
All The Way Home (Hixson 4+2+1 Waltz)
At This Moment (Goss/Figwer 6 Waltz)
Autumn Leaves Tango (Preskitt 6 Tango)
Bittersweet Faith (Goss/Figwer 6 Rumba)
Blue Gardenias (Moore 5+0+1 Waltz)
Can't Stop The Feeling (Worlock 6 WCS)
Cinderella (Worlock 6 H/C Waltz)
Come Dance With Me (Shibata 6 Cha)
Gina (Garza 4+1 A-Tango)
I Can Love You Like That (Johnson 5+2 Bolero)
Jungle Book Quickstep (Worlock 6 Quickstep)
Later, Alligator (Rumble 5+1 Jive)
Lido Shuffle (Prow 5+1 Jive)
Mariana Mambo (Goss/Figwer 4+2 Mambo)
Monsters, Inc. (Preskitt 5+1+2 Quickstep)
Oh, Chihuahua! (Worlock 4+1 Mambo)
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Rumble 4+1 Foxtrot)
Regresa A Mi (Shibata 6 Bolero)
Right Here Waiting For You (Preskitt 5+2+1 Rumba)
Summertime (Rotscheid 6 Foxtrot)
Tango 65 (Worlock 6 Tango)
Tears In Heaven (Shibata 4+2+1 Rumba)
The Water Is Wide V (Preskitt 5+0+3 S2S)
Try to Remember (Rumble 6 H/C Waltz)
Whistling Away The Dark (Hurd 4+2 Waltz)
Without Your Love (Worlock 6 Bolero)
Yira! Yira! (Shibata 6 Tango)
You're My World (Prow 6 H/C Waltz)
2015 - 2016 Season
(No Longer Online - Flash Drive Purchase Only)
Adagio (Worlock 6 Waltz)
Agua de Mar (Goss D/Figwer 5 Bolero)
Bob Roberts Society Band (Hurd 5+1+2 WCS)
Call Me (Prow 6 Foxtrot)
Ex's & Oh's (Worlock 6 Jive)
Forever, We'll Be In Love (Gloodt 5+1+1 Waltz)
Fur Elise (Rumble 4+1 Waltz)
He's A Tramp (Preskitt 5+2+1 Foxtrot)
Honor And Respect (Kenny 6 Waltz)
Lost - Part 1 (Preskitt 6 S2S)
Lost - Part 2 (Preskitt 6 S2S)
Loving You Tonight (Garza 6 WCS)
Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor (Gloodt 4+2 Bolero)
Moonlight Memories (Worlock 6 Foxtrot)
My Confession (Rumble 6 Bolero)
No Se Tu Revisited (Sweat 6 Bolero)
Once Upon A December (Vogt 4+2 V-Waltz)
River Waltz (Rumble 6 Waltz)
Someone Like You (Preskitt 6 Rumba)
Something Better To Do (Armstrong 5 Foxtrot)
Sunset Bolero (Worlock 5+1 Bolero)
Take My Breath Away (Shibata 6 Rumba)
The Outcasts (Worlock 6 Waltz)
To Where You Are (Worlock 6 S2S/Foxtrot)
Tormento de Amor (Worlock 6 Rumba)
Under The Boardwalk (Williams 5+1+1 WCS)
Uptown Funk (Gibson 5 Cha)
Way of Love (Shibata 6 Waltz)
What A Difference A Day Makes (Shibata 6 Bolero)
When I Dream VI (Hurd 6 Bolero)
When You're In Love (Preskitt 5+2+1 Cha)
Who I Am Inside (Worlock 4+2 Rumba)
Women In Love (Worlock 6 Waltz)
You Love Me (Worlock 6 Bolero)
You Owe Me One (Worlock 5 Hustle/Cha)
You Raise Me Up (Read 6 S2S)
2014 - 2015 Season
(No Longer Online - Flash Drive Purchase Only)
All I Do Is Jive (Hurd 4+2+1 Jive)
Au Revoir Paris (Preskitt 6 Waltz)
Best Day Of My Life (Worlock 6 WCS)
Blown Away (Worlock 6 Foxtrot)
Boogie Bumper (Schmidt 5+0+1 Quickstep)
Buy Me A Rose (Read 4+2 Rumba)
Cell Block Tango (Worlock 6 Tango)
El Pico (Worlock 6 Paso)
Fascinating Rhythm (Vogt 6 Foxtrot)
Groovy Kind of Love (Worlock 5+2 S2S)
Hola Amor (Goss D/Figwer 5 Bolero)
It's Always New To Me (Goss D/Figwer 4 Foxtrot)
La Plaza (Hurd 6 Paso)
Ladyhawk (Armstrong 5+2 Waltz)
Mascarada (Read 6 Tango)
Mint Julep (Rother 6 WCS)
Night Lights (Shibata 5+2+1 Foxtrot)
Over The Rainbow (Worlock 6 Rumba)
Peyton Place (Lamberty 5 Waltz)
Puro Dolor (Read 6 Bolero)
Silence Of The World (Moore 5 Waltz)
Solitude City (Gibson 4+2 Foxtrot)
Something Stupid (Shibata 4+2 Rumba)
Spurs of Gaucho (Shibata 5+1+2 Tango)
That Don't Impress Me Much (Shibata 6 Cha)
The Last Blues Song (Shearer 5 Foxtrot)
The Thornbirds (Shibata 5+1+1 Waltz)
The Vision (Shibata 6 Waltz)
Valentine (Worlock 6 Bolero)
Ven Conmigo (Davis 4+2 Cha)
Wedding Planner (Garza 4 Mixed Tango)
Where Is Your Love (Worlock 6 Rumba)
With All My Heart (Harris 5+2+1 Tango)
You Deserve (Read 6 Foxtrot)
2013 - 2014 Season
(No Longer Online - Flash Drive Purchase Only)
1+1 Is 2 (Worlock 5+1 Mambo)
A Thousand Years (Armstrong 4+1 Rumba)
All I Ask Of You (Rumble 6 S2S)
Appalachian Lullabye (Worlock 6 Waltz)
At Your Service (Nelson 5+2 Quickstep)
Bamboozled By You (Hurd 4+1 V-Waltz)
Cell Block Tango (Worlock 6 Tango)
Coco Beach (Prow 6 Foxtrot)
Contigo (Shibata 6 Bolero)
Cuando Me Cha (Preskitt 5+2+2 Cha)
Dance The Night Away (Worlock 6 A-Tango/Cha)
Did You Ever (Davis 5 Bolero)
Guitar Tango (Childers 6 Tango)
I Like To Lead When I Dance (Vogt 5 Foxtrot)
Long As I Live (Worlock 6 S2S)
Long Before Your Time (Otto 5+2+3 S2S)
Love The Tango (Goss D/Figwer 5+1 Tango)
Love To You (Finch 6 WCS)
Movin' On Up (Shibata 4+0+1 Cha)
Muchas Gracias (Ito 5+2 Paso)
My Tango Baby (Finch 4+2 Tango)
Night Lights (Shibata 5+2+1 Foxtrot)
Ole Guapa VI (Hurd 6 Tango)
One Moment In Time (Worlock 6 Bolero)
Only Time (Worlock 6 Rumba)
Poema (Noble 6 Tango)
Quizas Cha (Worlock 6 Cha)
Red Petticoats (Shibata 5+2 Tango)
Sabor A Mi (Childers 6 Rumba)
Sea In Autumn (DeChenne 6 Rumba)
She's The One (Sechrist 5+1 Foxtrot)
Six Blue Roses (Hurd 6 Waltz)
Slow Boat To Jive (Worlock 5+1+3 Jive)
Speaking of Happiness (Hurd 6 Foxtrot)
Teacher's Pet (Preskitt 6 Jive)
The Phantom (Worlock 6 Tango)
The Water is Wide (Read 6 Hes/Cntr Waltz)
Theme From Shrek (Worlock 5 Waltz)
Theme From Sunshine (Sechrist 6 Waltz)
Up (Worlock 6 WCS)
Watermark (Shibata 5+2 Waltz)
Who Like You (Shibata 5+1+1 Rumba)
Zambezi (Shibata 5+2+1 Samba)
2012 - 2013 Season
(No Longer Online - Flash Drive Purchase Only)
1+1 Is 2 (Worlock 5+1 Mambo)
Amor (Barton 6 Cha)
Amore Secondo (Moore 4+1 Rumba)
Appalachian Lullabye (Worlock 6 Waltz)
Conquest of Heaven (Hurd 6 Waltz)
Dance To The Heartbeat (Shibata 5+1+1 Mambo)
Easy Money (Goss D/Figwer 5+1 WCS)
Fenestra (Moore 6 A_Tango)
Guy What Takes His Time (Garza 6 WCS)
Haunted Guitar 5 (Sheridan 5+2 Waltz)
How Lucky Can One Guy Be? (Preskitt 5+0+2 Jive)
I Am Just A Girl (Worlock 5+1 Foxtrot)
I'm gonna Getcha Good (Shibata 6 Cha)
If God Takes My Life (Shibata 5+2 Rumba)
Mucho Mambo (Worlock 4+2 Cha/Rumba)
Paper Kisses (Nelson 4+1 Quickstep)
Paper Moon (DeChenne 4+2 Foxtrot/Jive)
Pink Panther (Childers 5+2 Foxtrot)
Poema (Noble 6 Tango)
Sea In Autumn (DeChenne 6 Rumba)
Sprint (Shibata 6 Waltz)
Tango Adios (Shibata 6 Tango)
Theme From Sunshine (Sechrist 6 Waltz)
Time To Say Goodbye (Ito 6 S2S)
Trickle Trickle (Shibata 6 Jive)
Tu Me (Preskitt 5+2 Rumba)
Up! (Worlock 6 WCS)
Who Like You (Shibata 5+1+1 Rumba)
You've Got A Friend In Me (Preskitt 6 Foxtrot)
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