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                      Weekly Class Dance Programs

Weekly Schedule
Monday a.m.
Phase V-VI
Monday p.m.   2:00-4:30 Phase IV-V
Thursday a.m.
Phase V-VI Review
Thursday p.m.
Phase V-VI
Weekly Dance Programs
February 17 & 20, 2020
February 24, 2020
February 27, 2020 No class, Boot Camp
 Curt and Tammy's Upcoming Events - 2020
Feb 26-29 Figures Boot Camp Phase IV-V Stardust Plant City, FL
Mar 19-21 WASCA Festival Phase III-VI Hilton Hotel Alexandria, VA
Mar 20-22 March Memories Fest
w/Pamela & Jeff Johnson
Phase III-IV Stardust Plant City, FL
Apr 3-5 Spring RAR Phase IV-VI Wise Avenue Firehouse Dundalk, MD
Apr 12-17 European Week of Rounds Phase III-VI Hotel Randsbergerhof Cham, Germany
May 17-21 Spring Accent on Rounds Phase III-VI w/Goss Fontana, NC
Jun 5-7 WOW W/E Phase IV-V Secondary School London, Ontario CA
Jul 5-6 Pre-ICBDA Phase V-VI Atlantis Casino Reno, NV
Jul 8-11 ICBDA 44th Convention Phase III-VI Atlantis Casino Reno, NV
Jul 23-25 Star Spangled Banner Festival Phase II-VI Eisenhower Hotel Gettysburg, PA
Aug 1-6 Round-A-Rama Institute Phase IV-VI Purdue University W. Lafayette, IN
Sept 13-17 Fall Accent on Rounds Phase III-VI w/Preskitt Fontana, NC
Oct 24-29 Colossal Week - Fall Phase IV-V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL
Nov 27-29 Harvest Holiday Phase IV-V-VI Sokol Dallas, TX
Dec 29-31 New Year's Weekend

Phase IV-V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL
 Curt and Tammy's Upcoming Events - 2021
Jan 23-28 Colossal Week - Winter Phase IV-V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL