Dance Teach Subscription Details and Test Video
Dance Teaches with Curt & Tammy

Sample Video -- A Night Like This - Worlock Phase 5+2 Cha/Rumba - 23:45 minutes
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The next best thing to being there!

Video of teaches with Curt & Tammy Worlock (approximately 30-40 dances) are available online by yearly subscription. There is also an option of ordering the teaches on a flash drive. (These teaches are not available on DVD.)

Due to server space limitations, only the most recent 3 seasons will be available online. Season subscription owners are urged to either purchase the season on a flash drive (an additional $40) or download those teaches you wish to retain before the files are removed from the server.

Please test the video above before purchasing your subscription. You might want to try different browsers or download the video before viewing if necessary.

Once you have purchased your subscription, Curt will send you a user name and password (if you do not already have one) that will be for your use only. In general, teach videos are available online a few days after the dance is taught. (They may not show up in the same order in which they were taught.)

If you purchase a Season Subscription with the flash drive option (an additional $40), you will not only have access to the teaches online, but you will receive a flash drive containing all the teaches of a season mailed to you 2 - 3 weeks after the close of the season.


Order Dance Teach Subscription $99 or $139 (Credit Card or PayPal)
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