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Curt and Tammy's Upcoming Events

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Jan 19-24 Colossal Week - WINTER
- Colossal Program
Phase IV-V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL
Feb 1-2 Houston Festival Phase IV-V Knights of Columbus Lodge Houston, TX
Feb 22-24 Carolina Jubilee Phase IV-V The Barn W. Columbia, SC
Feb 27-Mar 2 How To - Latin 2 Boot Camp Phase III-V Stardust Plant City, FL
March 22-24 March Memories Phase III-IV+ Stardust (Johnson) Plant City, FL
April 12-14 Spring Round A Rama     Phase IV-V-VI Wise Ave Firehouse Dundalk, MD
May 19-23   Phase III-VI w/Preskitt  Fontana Dam, NC
May 31-Jun 2 Dallas Phase IV-V Weekend Phase IV-V Sokol Ballroom Dallas, TX
July 5-7 Pre-ICBDA Weekend Phase V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL
July 10-13 ICBDA Convention Phase III-VI Rosen Plaza Hotel Orlando, FL
July 18-20 Star Spangled Banner Fest. Phase III-VI Delta Baltimore Hotel Hunt Valley, MD
July 26-28 MRDC Starfest Phase III-V Eisenhower Comm. Center Minnetonka, MN
Aug 3-8 Round-A-Rama Institute Phase IV-VI Purdue University W. Lafayette, IN
Sept 1 Super Sunday Phase III-V The Hayloft Sturbridge, MA
Sept 8-12    Phase III-VI w/Hurd Fontana Dam, NC
Sept 20-22 Phase III-IV Strawberry Square Plant City, FL
Sept 27-29 Phase IV-VI Pavilion Palm Springs, CA
Oct 19-24 Colossal Week - Fall Phase IV-V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL
Dec 29-31 New Year's Weekend Phase IV-V-VI Stardust Plant City, FL